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Variable pressure ratio permanent magnet inverter compressor
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Variable pressure ratio compressor
In the era of the general trend of the two-stage compression market, AE pays more attention to the energy-saving effect in the actual use process. The introduction of variable pressure ratio compressors fully opens a new era of two-stage compression gearless! Not only the host has excellent energy-saving effect under 100% full load state, but also the energy-saving effect under variable frequency state is even better. The compressor system equipped with the AE transformer ratio compressor host can truly realize the frequency modulation range of 30%-100%, and give full play to the efficiency characteristics of the constant torque output of the high-efficiency permanent magnet motor. In practical application conditions, the energy-saving performance of AE transformers is more outstanding than that of compressors, and the whole series exceeds the national first-class energy efficiency standard (GB19153-2019).
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