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Micro oil screw compressor
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Variable pressure ratio compressor
In the era of the general trend of the two-stage compression market, AE pays more attention to the energy-saving effect in the actual use process. The introduction of variable pressure ratio compressors fully opens a new era of two-stage compression gearless! Not only the host has excellent energy-saving effect under 100% full load state, but also the energy-saving effect under variable frequency state is even better. The compressor system equipped with the AE transformer ratio compressor host can truly realize the frequency modulation range of 30%-100%, and give full play to the efficiency characteristics of the constant torque output of the high-efficiency permanent magnet motor. In practical application conditions, the energy-saving performance of AE transformers is more outstanding than that of compressors, and the whole series exceeds the national first-class energy efficiency standard (GB19153-2019).
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Permanent magnet inverter compressor
APM(S) oil cooling series is newly launched.
Energy efficiency exceeds the national level. Compared with the APM permanent magnet variable frequency motor, the oil-cooled permanent magnet variable frequency motor further reduces the energy consumption by 7%, and the energy saving effect is remarkable, which greatly reduces the total life cycle cost of the compressor and improves the production efficiency.
APM\APM-2S series integrates AE permanent magnet frequency conversion technology, which can automatically adjust the motor speed to match the supply of compressed air with the demand, accurately control the pressure, avoid unnecessary fluctuations, save energy, and reduce operating costs.
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Two-stage screw compressor
AED-2S\AEDV-2S series two-stage compressor adopts parallel two-stage compression form; compared with single-stage compressor, it has the advantages of large displacement and high compression efficiency, which can significantly reduce user energy consumption. The whole machine adopts a box-type structure, which highlights the humanized design, and reserves a spacious maintenance space for easy equipment maintenance. It uses high-efficiency NEMA motors and high-quality parts, which are reliable and durable.
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Single stage screw compressor
AED\AEB\AEDV series screw compressors are energy-saving compressor products developed by AE Company with the latest technology in response to market demand. High performance, reliable and sturdy, suitable for harsh use environment; the whole machine is beautiful in appearance, compact in structure, pays attention to humanized design and noise reduction, and provides a spacious application and maintenance space; intelligent control system allows users to know the operating status of the compressor at any time, Keep production running efficiently
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Laser dedicated integrated compressor
APM-ATR series compressors are a new generation of laser cutting-specific integrated models launched by the AE Technology Center, which is a new generation of laser cutting-specific integrated models for laser cutting process requirements and use characteristics, with large gas output and stable pressure to ensure smooth cutting. , the incision is smooth without burrs.
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Engineering compressor
AEP series outdoor compressors adopt compact, integrated design, with high integration of internal piping, cooler, motor, lubrication and control system, suitable for outdoor use environment; can operate efficiently and reliably under harsh working conditions.
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